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Cleverest affiliate marketing method I've ever seen

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Cleverest affiliate marketing method I've ever seen
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Nov 20, 2023 07:51 PM
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20% Off Niche Sites and 50% off all monthly and yearly plans
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I enjoy discovering ingenuity in this biz. Even if I'm not interested in pursuing the particular business model myself, it's fun to see people do well with some clever twists on some old-school internet marketing. Last week, I stumbled on a beaut. Not only is this guy generating a decent payday upfront by selling his course, he then charges $20 per month for the privilege to click his affiliate links. I'm pretty certain his affiliate link conversion rates are beyond high. Must be darn near 100%. Read on and you'll see why. -PAID AD- 🔖Black Friday Specials🔖 Get an Extra 20% Off Niche Sites 50,000 words niche sites now start at only $1080, installment options available! Use coupon FATSTACKS to get 20% off:

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